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Because the world is just too strange to let some things fade

Aug 26, 2008 - 1 minute read - Comments

A long time ago in a city somewhat far away I came into the possession of a document.  This document was recieved by a very good friend of mine at his place of business.  That business specialized in coordinating public speakers for venues, and or venues for public speakers… I can only imagine they went both ways on that actually.  This business did, by its nature, come into contact with a variety of celebrities, including current and former Congresscritters and so it was only of slight surprise that my friend found several copies of the linked letter on the company’s fax machine one day.  Slight surprise, that is, until he actually read the document.

For your education I present a digitally remastered, but entirely faithful, rendition of that document, which is titled: Mr. Congressman: PLEASE CHALLENGE ME TO CATCH A VAMPIRE.


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