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Server Upgrades 2019

Due to recent server upgrades I am now able to deliver all of the content on this site securely, via Let’s Encrypt security certificates. It’s safer, and it’s better and I’m happy that I’m finally able to do it.

The Flat Earth Conspiracies

Every once in a while, YouTube conjures up something odd into my feed. Most recently, it was a video refuting flat earth conspiracies. Please understand, right out of the gate, that anyone who believes the Earth to be flat is denying objective reality. On the other hand, one comment1 that is common among flat earthers struck me as interesting: “do your own research”. I’ve been thinking, today, about how I might achieve that standard: doing my own research.

Thoughts On Dungeons and Dragons 5E

I’ve been running the fifth edition of Dungeons and Dragons for over a year now for a local group and I’m quite happy with it. As is often said, it is difficult to threaten a party of high level PCs with death without, frankly, going for the throat as a DM, but I feel like that’s more a feature, less a bug. All of the old school1 rules of creating a threatening encounter still apply:

Personalized meeples

Meeples, as introduced in the early 2000’s by Carcassonne, are generally identically cut out wood or plastic components. Distinguished only, if at all, by a thin coat of paint, they rarely allow one to truly express one’s individuality at the gaming table. With the advent of home 3D printing, that has all changed. Now, anyone can customize their own meeple to be printed at home, by a friend or by a service.

Lady Zayne & Hellestromme

I’ve gotten back into miniature painting lately, having set up a full painting station in our new hobby room. Here are a couple of the items I’ve turned out recently.

Site rebuild

After spending a long while considering the fact that I spent more time doing upgrades to my website management software than actually making updates to the site, I’ve decided to switch platforms and use a static site generator. After trying a few, and feeling like I’m bashing my head against a wall getting them to run, I’ve settled on Hugo. Hugo is downloadable as a single executable file instead of a bewildering array of Python/Ruby/JavaScript packages and it just runs.

Because the world is just too strange to let some things fade

A long time ago in a city somewhat far away I came into the possession of a document. This document was recieved by a very good friend of mine at his place of business. That business specialized in coordinating public speakers for venues, and or venues for public speakers… I can only imagine they went both ways on that actually. This business did, by its nature, come into contact with a variety of celebrities, including current and former Congresscritters and so it was only of slight surprise that my friend found several copies of the linked letter on the company’s fax machine one day.

Gaming Notes

I’m a big fan of Role Playing Games, as anyone who is probably reading this blog already knows. Since I GM a lot and have to make rules calls, I’ve decided to collect most, if not all, of my notes on such things here. Paranoia Dark By replacing “Sanity” with “Treason” and “Mythos Activity” with “Commie Mutant Traitors” I think the Cthulhu Dark rules make a fantastic way to run a rules-light version of Paranoia.