The Flat Earth Conspiracies

Every once in a while, YouTube conjures up something odd into my feed. Most recently, it was a video refuting flat earth conspiracies. Please understand, right out of the gate, that anyone who believes the Earth to be flat is denying objective reality. On the other hand, one comment1 that is common among flat earthers struck me as interesting: “do your own research”.

I’ve been thinking, today, about how I might achieve that standard: doing my own research.
By this, I mean that I want to think up my own experiment, that I can perform on my own, that would prove a spherical earth. I think I’ve found one, but I’ll need some more equipment and, possibly, to wait for a while in the solar cycle. My plan is to set up a radio station with a directional antenna and use the long path to talk to myself. I’m going to need an atenna with a very strong null to the rear and separate reciever that I can set up in that null zone. Probably at night, with as much transmit power as I can muster, if I can hear myself, then I can prove that the world must be round. If I can do it again when the antenna is rotated 90 degrees from the initial observation, the world then must be a sphere. I suppose that a dedicated Flat Earther could find flaws with this experiment. Perhaps I am just a member of the supposed Masonic conspiracy. Maybe I’m a government paid actor, just stringing the populace along.

Actually, I do see some potential flaws in this plan. I’m not certain that I can produce a strong enough null to ensure that I’m not recieving my own signal via the obvious, short, path. I could resolve that issue by adding another station into the mix. If I can contact the same station via both the long path and the short path , then, again, the world has been proven to be round. A flat earther would simply accuse me of having two confederates located at 180 degrees from each other on the flat earth.

Of course, I do not need to do this to understand that the world is a sphere. I have seen the curvature of the Earth in the distance, seen boats dissappear over the horizon, computed the orbital trajectory of communications satellites, and used those same calculations to recieve signals from them. I regularly use GPS, which only exists due to a constellation of satellites orbiting our planet. None of these things is possible on a flat earth. Add to this that I have yet to see even a single piece of evidence in support of a flat earth 3 and I am far from being swayed by those arguments. I just want to be able to prove with a repeatable experiment that I can do myself, that it is spherical.

  1. Which flat earthers themselves fail to follow. ↩︎

  2. I have nothing against the Bible, per se, it’s just that if your only evidence is nearly 2000 years old and has been re-written more times that anyone can count, perhaps read a bit of allegory into it. ↩︎

  3. Everything so far simply says that a spherical Earth is wrong, has to be wrong and here’s why, generally quoting the Bible2. ↩︎